Caricatures by Diane

Syler from Heroes
Caricature of many people at Christmas party, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane Caricature of HP event, James Bond theme, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane

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CARICATURE entertainment is an excellent addition to any event! As much fun to watch as it is to be drawn, a crowd will soon gather to watch the face magically appear on the paper. Each guest will have a personalized keepsake thanks to YOU! A remembrance of YOUR event or company. Each of my full bodied CARICATURES is a one of a kind work of ART, drawn incredibly quick and highly DETAILED according to what your guest wants...OR the guest can ask for a "surprise" body, artist's choice.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO BOOK ME (or me and any number of the other talented caricaturists I send out) PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION through an e-mail , a phone call to 619-444-0421 or use the form here.

  1. The DATE of event
  2. HOURS of the event
  3. What TYPE of event is it?
  4. LOCATION and ADDRESS of event
  5. Name of a CONTACT person
  6. That contact person's cell number
  7. ROOM name/number where event will be (if applicable)
  8. PARKING arrangement details, if needed (validation?)
  9. Is there a THEME or DRESS CODE ? (formal, casual, etc...)
  10. Is this an INSIDE OR OUTSIDE event?
  11. Would you like ADDITIONAL ARTISTS? * 
  12. Would you like a PRE-DRAWN BACKGROUND or BODY?
  13. For outside gigs, can I use your chairs (to match the decor) or should I bring my own chairs? How about an umbrella...will there be shade?

ALSO... Is there ANYTHING else I should know??? Special requests? BE SURE TO TELL ME IF THIS IS A SURPRISE PARTY.

As a rule, I HAVE A 2 HOUR MINIMUM for san Diego County, 3 HOUR MINIMUM for outside San Diego county. (But I do have a 1 hour LOCAL special)

I will need an outlet for my light for inside or night time outside events. For inside events I will also need 2 chairs. For Daytime outside events I will bring everything I need ( see #13). I will need a description of the surroundings or landmarks for events at public parks.

OPTIONAL TIPS are discreetly accepted when offered. (this is a hard economy!) Please feel free to request that I abstain if you'd rather I refuse them. Also, I will NOT put out a tip jar without your permission.

*Samples of additional artists are available upon request.



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