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Special Projects

Special GROUP or INDIVIDUAL caricatures make special occasions EXTRA FANTASTIC! You only live once, so why not have fun and have a FABULOUS keepsake, one-of-a-kind memory made of you or your loved one's likeness! CELEBRATE a WEDDING, an ANNIVERSARY, a GRADUATION, BAR or BAT MITZVAH, REUNION or ANY event with a frameable, Black and white or color, HIGHLY DETAILED, CUSTOMIZED "STUDIO" caricature cartoon. CALL ME @ 801-678-2715 cellphone for current prices.

I will need...

  1.) A detailed description of what you want
  2.) Two or more CLEAR, UP CLOSE e-mailed photos for each subject.*
  3.) Due date, I'd mail the caricature at least 3 days prior to this date
  4.) Contact phone number and mailing address
Color preferences, if you want your picture in color
  6.) Any sensitivities I should be aware of
  7.) Anything that the subject(s) is/are PROUD of
  8.) Names of the subjects, if you'd like the names included
  9.) Eye color(s), dark or light eyes?

A picture of the caricature will be e-mailed to you for your approval prior to mailing.
Payment should include the price of the picture... PLUS $4.00 S&H
Paypal is available (see "payments" at the bottom of page). Payment is due prior to mailing.

* Actual photographs, if needed, (which would be returned with the finished caricature) can be mailed to...
      Diane Atteberry
      615 Galena St.
      El Cajon, CA. 92019-1044




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Caricature of a man coming over a hill while two vultures play tick-tac-toe and one vulture says, He should be here any second now... Caricature by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane
Caricature of HP event, James Bond theme, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane
Caricature of many people at Christmas party, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane
Caricature of roller coaster group, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane
Viejas Watershow, Caricatures by Diane