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Caricature of a pirate, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane Caricature of a little girl on the beach, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane Caricature of actor from Chicago, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane Caricature of man on a golf cart, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane Caricature of roller coaster group, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane
Caricature of Diane, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane


Hello...I'm Diane. I was born right here in SAN DIEGO county and grew up watching my mother paint Native American portraits and beautiful landscapes! I was surrounded by canvassed faces and the exquisite landscapes of Arizona, Utah, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. From an early age, I remember my mother's artwork, her tubes of paint, brushes, and easels scattered about our den. I would quietly enter the room when she wasn't there and wonder if I'd ever be able to paint and draw like her. Eventually, I did excel in art using that inherited NATURAL attention to detail, just like my Mom! And THAT is what I bring to my Caricatures! I'm not merely a quickly trained cartoonist, I'm an ARTIST.

In late 1982 I was working as a pre-school teacher. I always had the BEST bulletin boards and I'd often draw for the children. But in the back of my mind, I wondered where my life was going. How was it that God would give me such a talent and then not have me do anything with it? I knew that there was "more" for me than teaching and sweeping floors. But the "survival game" did not allow me the luxury of a full college education or years of art training. I married early and started a family soon after. Those were rough, lean years with very little "light at the end of the tunnel."

Caricature of Mike and Kim, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane

Then, on a cool Southern California December night, my life changed forever! Fate stepped up and dangled a golden opportunity in front of my nose. I met LaVONNA THOMAS KING, the main Caricature artist of DISNEYLAND, while on a random stroll through DISNEYLAND HOTEL (I lived nearby).  Luck would have it, we had baby boys the same age and thanks to a slow night at her stand, we had the opportunity to talk. That casual conversation ended with her asking if I'd like to learn to draw Caricatures! Obviously, I SAID YES!!! And now I am eternally grateful to her!

As a little girl, I remembered seeing a man drawing funny pictures at the Del Mar Fair and thinking to myself I could do that! That memory stuck with me. I didn't know what he was doing and until I met LaVonna I didn't even know what a Caricature was! But I was determined to learn! Then, thanks to an emergency at the hotel, I started after less than a month of training. There weren't enough artists to cover the park so we were at the Hotel. But OMG, what a MAGICAL place to work! Our space was right in front of SEAPORTS OF THE PACIFIC and just up the walkway from the WATERFALLS! Each night I could hear the music from the DANCING WATERS show. I felt SO privileged to be part of this whole new world! I quickly surpassed other artists. I felt like a determined Cinderella, minus the curfew. And I've been "dancing at the Ball" ever since! (Knock on wood)

While living in Anaheim, I worked at MOVIELAND WAX MUSEUM as I continued to work at the hotel. It was there that I learned how to do PASTEL PORTRAITS and delicate SILHOUETTES. At the end of each night, I walked the strange and SPOOKY path to the exit passing through the HORROR section of wax figures and recreated movie sets!  It was quite a different and chilling experience walking through it TOTALLY alone!! It was always nice to finally turn the corner and see the smiling figures from TV's BONANZA! Whew! In addition to that, I often worked at the QUEEN MARY and at a local Dinner theater while still working at DISNEYLAND HOTEL. Within a year, I began working at parties and I started CARICATURES BY DIANE in 1984 while still working for LaVonna's "ME COMPANY". Since that time, I have worked at MANY venues, parties, conventions and events.

Caricature of Elwood the Undertaker by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane

After working in the L.A. and ORANGE COUNTIES, my family and I moved to TUCSON AZ.  I worked at the resorts and at the working MOVIE STUDIO and amusement park, OLD TUCSON. I established a concession, and met actors such as JOSH BROLIN, LOUIS GOSSETT JR., EMILO ESTVEZE, ROBERT WAGNER, AND LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS, as well as the local actors and stunt persons. On my breaks I'd watch them filming and on their breaks I'd draw those who could sit for me. It was truly wonderful! From the atmosphere, to the music, to the people...I loved it all! Now, each time I hear those GREAT Old Western soundtracks I think fondly back to my days at OLD TUCSON, ahhh. But with the desert comes the hot summer heat. Yes, it was dry, but it was still hot! LOL. So after a few summers, we moved to a temporary site for the summer months...

At the invitation of the Old Tucson Glassblower, we traveled by station-wagon to tiny Minden Nebraska to work the summer at PIONEER VILLAGE and to experience small town middle-American life. It was interesting! So simple and amazing at the same time. I'd travel down the country highway from Hastings to Minden on my way to work, surrounded by nothing but farmland. Sometimes Crop-dusters would whiz by overhead (wow) casually interrupting my peaceful drive. But when winter came, it was time to go back to OLD TUCSON with resort and TANQUE VERDE Swap Meet work on the side, one of America's largest outdoor markets!

Caricature of a mom in a bikini, by Diane Atteberry, Caricatures by Diane

My family still lives in the San Diego area, so in '91 I moved here with my 3 kids where I am now. For years I worked at BELMONT PARK next to the rollercoaster! TO YOUR RIGHT--------> is my "COASTER POSTER" drawn during the famous Belmont Park Roller Coaster Marathon "WHIRL 'TIL YOU HURL!" OMG!!!!!!! That was too much fun!! My kids LOVED me working there. The Management would give them (and any friends they brought! ) FREE ALL DAY wristbands and they'd ride the carnival rides and "THE GIANT DIPPER" rollercoaster over and over and over again!!! It was GREAT! My good friend and fellow artist, Andrea Leigh ran the concession. We were quite the team! 


Later, I opened up my own concession at BARONA RANCH CASINO right next to the gift shop. Competing with all the noise and lights was a wondrous challenge! I'd often get a big tip if the guest won a jackpot shortly after having their picture drawn. I guess it was good luck for the both of us! No, I never had the "guts" to gamble myself, LOL. 


                             ~~COME SEE ME!~~

Currently I'm at VIEJAS CASINO AND OUTLET CENTER! I'm set up on weekends (weather permitting and I'm not working a gig) near the FUN ZONE and BOWLING ALLEY of the Outlet Center!!! What a beautiful setting!  My prices are extremely reasonable! Call to make sure I'll be there. It's now slow season and I'll rarely be there, so be sure to call (801-678-2715). No, I'm still not brave enough to gamble...

ALSO, ANDREA HAS RE-OPENED THE BELMONT PARK CONCESSION! You just might see me there too once slow season is overwith...currently no one is drawing at the booth.  At most all concessions, the artists work on a total commission basis so if we're not even making gas money it's not worth us going..."Exposure" doesn't pay the rent...Business usually starts to pick up in April and May as we head into the Summer months.


I've also done a little wall mural and illustration work during the course of my career. I have so many wonderful memories and I feel so blessed to be able to do something for a living that I love SO much. 

As a rule, at parties and events I draw FULL BODIED Caricatures complete with THEME/HOBBIE and NAME. All that is done in the time it usually takes other artists to draw a simple face-only caricature. In fact, I've been called the "BODIES QUEEN" of San Diego!

MY FAVORITE CARICATURE??? Without a doubt, it was done at the annual business meeting with all the major animators and staff of WALT DISNEY COMPANY. This was during the time I worked at Disneyland Hotel. It was there that I met and drew ROY DISNEY JR.!!!  Ask me about the funny story about that caricature!!!!

Over the years I've drawn for various clients and agents, too many to list them all. I've handled parties from as small as children's birthdays to as HUGE as major corporate events involving thousands of guests and several subcontracted fellow artists.

No event is too small or too large for me! EVERY client is important.

I VALUE  the importance of both YOUR event and MY reputation!



Diane Atteberry, YOUR CARICATURE ARTIST! 801-678-2715